5.4-inch iPhone 12 3D Mockup Is Smaller Than the 2020 iPhone SE in Latest Size Comparison

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If there’s a market for compact, and powerful phones, Apple probably knows the target audience, which is why we were greeted with the 2020 iPhone SE, a 4.7-inch handset armed with an A13 Bionic. Later this year, the company is expected to announce four iPhone 12 models, out of which one of them will include a 5.4-inch version. It is said that this version will be the most affordable out of the four and when it comes to the latest size comparison, it’s smaller than Apple’s $399 low-cost version too.

This was proven when YouTube content creator EverythingApplePro shared a 3D printed version of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 and placed it right next to the 2020 iPhone SE. Sure enough, the upcoming model is slightly smaller than Apple’s affordable offering, and you’re getting a lot more screen real estate with the 5.4-inch version. Consumers who were demanding a compact device but didn’t appreciate the older design language belonging to the iPhone SE will most probably appreciate Apple’s efforts here.

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