Android: malware contaminates 49 apps from Play Store

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Android is the target of a new malware. TrendMicro researchers have discovered malware in the code for 49 apps available in the Google Play Store. Not surprisingly, this virus will display intrusive ads on your smartphone screen.

android malware contamine 49 applications play store
In a report released November 7, TrendMicro claims to have discovered 49 photo applications and malicious games in the Play Store ]. In total, they were installed by 3 million units. Once present on the smartphone for its victims, the application multiplies tactics to avoid being detected by Google’s security system or by users.

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The list of 49 Android applications to be uninstalled
According to TrendMicro, the malicious code for each application is really camouflaged by ” custom algorithms “. In addition, the application hides its standard browser advertising software such as Google Chrome. If a Chrome shortcut mysteriously appears on your phone’s home screen, malicious software may be at work.

As always, malicious software waits several hours after installation before distributing ads. In this way, the victim does not immediately report between the app and the ads that appear on their device. These ads are impossible to close or avoid. To you by TrendMicro, Google quickly removed these apps from the Play Store . Here is the list of fraudulent apps that are quickly uninstalled to avoid advertising:

Cut Out Studio Pro
Shooting It Using Gun
Paint House: Best Buzz
Motorcycle Bike R
Balls Escape [19659010] Beautiful House Painting
Blur Image: Camera & Effects
Magic Video Editing
Musical Rolling Road
Photo Smoke Effect
Trippy Effects: Photo & Camera Effects
Beauty Phone Fur [19659010] Dinosaur Running
Bullet Master
Flow Points: Puzzle Games
Master Slice Cut You
Tatoo Maker
Photo Editing Magazine
Picture Art Painting
Pixel Effect Photo Art
19659010] Galaxy Overlay Blender Photo Mix
Cover Maker Magazine Free Style
Smoke Effects Photo Maker Friends
Blur Like a Pro
Cover Studio Magazine
Music Video Maker
Photo Blender Photo Effects [19659010] Magic Super Power: Spe cial Effects
Dynamic Background: Live Effects
Neon Light: Photo Edit & Effects
Magic Pencil Sketch
Ruling The Differences Games
Perfect Cutting Best Puzzle
Balls out Pazzle: Puzzle Game [19659010] Photo Magazine
Mask Clown
Bubble Effect
Tattoo Effects Photo Editor
Photo Overlays Blend
Skull Face: Photo & Effects Camera
Smoke Effect Art Filter Name Maker
Balls Roll In
Master Screen Record Screenshot
House Drawing Color
Reverse Video Editing Effects
Love Pair
Ghost Photo Pranks & Effects
True Love Calculator
Love Test 2019 [19659058] TrendMicro has seen a uptake of malware on the Google Play Store in recent months. By August last year, researchers had already fixed 85 fixed Android apps. There have been no similar reports in recent weeks. In late October, ESET detected a virus in the code for 42 applications on the Play Store. In most cases, malware is designed only to serve intrusive ads. In others, malware can steal thousands of euros from users.
We recommend that you be careful when downloading an unknown application on the Play Store. Aware of the security flaws in his store, Google has asked ESET, Lookout and Zimperium for help with banning malicious software. Will the online giant protect Android users from hackers? We await your opinion in the comments

Source: TrendMicro

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