Depending on how big the room is, how many can you learn?

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How many machines can be installed per unit depending on the size of the room,” he wrote.

The engineering method has to be done in detail, but it has been drafted for everyone.

The same is true for ordinary homes and offices in a three-quarter, four-story building between 70’F and 90’F.

Find the volume of the first room in cube.

For example, the length is 15ft width = 10ft

height = 10 ft. The wall area is under 25 Sqft

If you multiply that by the number given below, you get the BTU of the room’s disposal machine.

If you get that total BTU at 8000, you get a good horse.

Room Type (1)

Fewer people, double walls, hinged rooms, and more than 1500 ft3 x 6 = 9000 Btu8000 for this room (1 Hp), which means you need 1 Hp.

Room Type (2) is less crowded, wood is covered, and if you have enough eyes, you have to multiply it by 9.9.

For this room, if you take 1500 ft3x 9 = 13500 Btu8000 (over 1.5 Hp each)

, you can do the same with the rest of the room.

Rooms (3)

The brick wall, the room is less crowded, the mirrors cover more than a third of the area of ​​the wall, and if the nose is heated, you have to multiply by 9.

Room Type (4)

Walled, Low Window But if you have a decent meeting room and a gym, you have to multiply by 9.

Room Type (5)

Walled, Low Window But if you have a meeting with many people, you have to multiply by 12.

Room Type (6)

Walled, Low Window But if you have a few people, you have to have a large window and you have to multiply it by 12.

Room Type: 7

Bedrooms, Living room, double wall, double doors If you have a decent number of people, you have to multiply by 7.5

To illustrate another example, a meeting room is usually crowded with a few windows, usually a wall, and the

length of the face is long. 40 ft

.20 ft

height .12 ft room than

room volume = 40x 20 x 12 = 9600 ft3 I will call described above must be multiplied by 12 to the type of room. So must 9600x 12 = 115200 Btu


115200 in 8000 and 14.4 Hp.

1 Hp 14 Tension Battalion (14 Horses)

1.5 Hp 10 Troops

3 Trigger 3 Hp 5

If you are just positioning the machine, simply adjust each unit to the air distribution area.

The main thing to note is that for buildings with high walls and low ceilings.

It is neither convenient nor appropriate, and you can only trust the average person and not be able to calculate.

The 1 Ton household

air conditioner equals

1.5 Hp (1.119 Kw) 1.5 Hp (1 HP = 746 Watts).

Cooling Capacity

equals 12000 Btu 3500Watt (3.5 KW) 3024 Kilo Calories (Kcal).

These are written on how much cooling capacity and power input is available on the side of the machine plate

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