Good ways to keep your phone battery lasts for days

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In today’s age, the life of a person without a phone is incredible. Work! It was a great day. Song Movies, Game, It is a device that connects the Internet to the same place.

Sometimes, though, the battery may run out of storage, and it may not be enough to use all day. So here are some good tips.

1. Most people do not clean the battery bay.

Remember to constantly clean your mobile phone. Not only should you clean the screen. You also need to clean the charging port. The top of the headset or toothpick should be cleaned.

2. Set Bright Wallpaper

Time You are watching messages and Missed calls on your phone all the time. If you have too bright Wallpapers on the main screen of your phone, your phone will drain more battery. So it is better to leave the white wallpaper. Keeping it in mind will also extend your battery life.

3. Always hold

your phone in hot weather, and you should not always keep your phone in hand. The phone will get hot because of the high temperatures. In addition, the heat of your hands can cause the phone to overheat and drain the battery very quickly.


If Auto-Rotate is not required, turn off Auto-Rotate. The accelerometer, a special sensor that works with it, consumes a lot of battery life.

5. Running Apps in the background

And when people use multiple apps, they just get out of there. This will cause more battery drain, as the apps are still running in the background. Be careful to close all windows.

6. Screen Lighting In one of the brightest

buildings, the screen brightness should only be set at 30-40%. That’s enough to see everything on your phone. In addition, this will also reduce your phone’s battery life. If you are outside, turn on Auto-Brightness, not the brightest.

7. Vibrate Phone Voice Vibrate is

low in battery. Use it properly. In other cases, use Sound or silent mode.

8. Don’t set the

screen off as it should, Keep your phone’s battery life as short as possible.

9. Turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and WiFi Turn on the

phone when your phone is turned on. It is best to disable it when it is not needed.

10. Don’t turn off the

phone Turn your phone off all night. This will cool down the battery and the battery will last longer.

Credit: Min Thu (Daily Hot News)

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