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1. The bottom of the toy boxes

If thisis the case, if you have young children in your home, this works: If you have
money to keep, put it in a bag and place itat the bottom of the toy box.
Kids won’t find this envelope.These pockets are difficult to reverse, but
if your house is burglar, thieves can’t find the money, but
this ideais not good if you want to use it often .

2. In the empty bottle

This is also a great wayto wrap your money in a blank canvas,but it is not advisable to choose the
ones that contain medicines.Thieves are selling one of your medication bottles
will often carried bottles of medicine. Alsosee your money easily
. So in addition to the money youcan not be sold back into the medicine bottlesshould be placed.

3. In the book

Making money between your books isa good way, thieves
are not always stealing books, but youmust know the book you are paying and
be careful not to donate or lend to a friend, but if youwant to hide a lot of money, you
should cut the sheets and keep themaway.

4. Under your pet’s food cup

Pet food bowls were dirtyand smells better. Sothe best place to save money on your money.
In a bag under a cup. It’s your money is safe

5. During tennis

In order to keep this in your tennis ballone more one must be purchased. This ball
you can put money on money.Add a soccer ball purchasedand put it on something with them. Sohow are thieves can not easily.

6. In the pocket

This is the simplest way. Put your moneyin your pocket and hide it. But this shirt is not expensive. If it’s expensive, it could be stolen, so just keepit inyour pocket and keep your money safe.

7. In the small bookcase

These containers usually contain salt, but
if you have such empty containers, tie up the money with a leather strap. It’s more secure than anywhere else.

8. In the palate

If you have a lot of empty lips, don’t throw it away. Great place to save money.This will also secure your money.

9 In the empty cans

This is a hoax.You can also pack a lot of money and it’s not easy tospot, so you shoulduse these boxes to hide your money .

10. Behind the fake lights

While it may seem like ordinary plugins, it’s aspecial plug,
so keep money and other valuables,even if a
thief is robbed at home,you don’t think that a thief can see the whole house without the time,
so fireplaces are thebest place to hide money .

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