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The iPhone is an amazing feature of the iPhone. The design has made people mad and made it one of the most popular phones in the world. Millions of people own iPhones but do not recognize some of the mysterious features of this device.

These are the secret codes that most iPhone users don’t know. These features are very useful for checking the signal strength, as well as from call forwarding.

These passwords are combined with (*) and (#) characters.

1. Block caller ID (Block Caller ID)

With this code, you can hide your phone number. No one knows who is calling. Just dial * # 31 # to do this. The caller ID will appear with the recipient.

2. Signal strength check

Signal bars are not always the right solution to check for bad lines. * 3001 # 12345 # * will bring up the option list. In the top left corner you will see numbers instead of small numbers or circles. The numbers between -4 and -80 indicate a good line. Showing below this line shows that there is no line. There is no line when it is less than -140.

3. Phone IMEI Detect

Every phone has a code identifier that displays the inside of phone settings. Enter * # 06 # and easily see your own code.

4. Call blocking

This blocks both incoming calls. You will be charged a fee. If done, simply dial * 33 * PIN #. Or dial # 33 * PIN # and unplug it.

5. Call interruption

This is also a paid service. It maintains incoming or outgoing calls. You can turn it on or off, or with some code. Dial * # 43 # to learn about Call Waiting. Press * 43 # and OFF for # 43 #.

6 Call Forwarding

Visit * # 21 # to check if forwarding calls are activated.

7. EFR mode

EFR stands for Enhanced Full Rate and improves sound quality for GSM services. Press * 3370 # to enable this. But the battery will eat a little.

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