Tips for Easily Removing Glasses

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For people who wear glasses, the world is ruined.
When buying glasses is also difficult, how do you deal with these scars?

1: BBQ &
Radi method is inexpensive and powerful. There is no trick to bling
a glass with a glass of water and rubbing on strands.
After that, rinse and rub with a light washcloth.

2 – The
best fluid that can remove the edges and edges of the glasses.
When the juice is rubbed on the tissue and rubbed on the eyeglasses, you will get a clear, clear eye. 3) Computer cleaner Liquid cleaner is a special liquid that is free of harmful chemicals.

If you rub this liquid on the eyeglasses and rub them with a piece of cloth, it will look like new glasses.

Grasping a non-gum toothpaste and rubbing it with a tissue will remove the sting.

5: How do you react? Vaseline
on the glass stripes too much polish when rubbed with oil or Vaseline glass and then wipe a cloth on it.
You will find that the stitches are significantly reduced.

6: Silver lacquer is available in
many stores.
Rub the liquid on a piece of fiberglass cloth and rub on the glasses until the stains are gone. Credits

Credit: Min Thu

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