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* # 0011 # Enter your phone and restart wifi.
It will pull up.

Most people are very few who know the usefulness of a mobile phone.

Most people who hold a phone are usually using Camera, Music, Bluetooth, FM, Radio. Most of them are used just for the sake of the game, such as Alarm and Game.

So here is a little more useful and a little trickier.

(1) Search for an emergency network

Even when the keypad is locked, mobile phones can dial the number 122.

This is the international emergency phone number worldwide.

If you are in the area of ​​a mobile phone, dialing this number will automatically find the nearest network.

This number will be dialed even when the mobile phone key is off.

If you lose your battery when your phone is running low and your phone is running low on * 3370 #, you’ll be able to re-energize the phone to recharge your phone.

Next time the mobile phone battery is recharged it will automatically recharge the battery for both normal and emergency use.
This is a useful tool for most people.

If there are three keys left in the car for remote users, the key remains in the car. If there is an extra lock in your home, you’ll find it convenient to have a mobile phone.

The only way to do this is to call a person at home by calling your mobile phone and communicating with the other person at home by simply pressing the car key to close the phone and pressing the door.

Keep your phone near the car. This is a great way to get rid of your tiredness.

If your mobile phone is stolen, your mobile phone will be lost or damaged. Something about forgetting and being stolen

If the device is lost and it cannot be recovered, it can be destroyed.

First, dial * # 06 # to find out your phone’s serial number. Then 15 numbers will appear.

These numbers are private numbers on your phone. You will need to know these numbers first.

On the day you lose your phone, you can call Myanmar Broadcasting and give you a code to turn it off.

If the thief is not complaining about the Simcard release, it will be possible to disable both the Simcard and the phone, as well as protect the identity of the phone numbers on your phone.

5. Nokia’s mobile phone numbers are not the same.

But Nokia has provided a code for those who use Nokia phones. For code, see IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) by dialing * # 06 #.

To see the LCD display in more detail, simply dial * # 67705646 #.

If you see the software version of the handset that you are using, you can dial * # 0000 #.

To view the location of Blue tooth devices, simply dial * # 2820 #.

To find out when the phone was last updated and how long the phone was last modified, dial * # 92702689 #.

If you would like to delete the recorded phone numbers, simply dial * # 3925538 #. For Series 60 phones, dial * # 737092 5538 # to reset and lock your phone.

However, when the phone returns, enter defultcode 12345 and the phone will reboot

How to Dismiss Mi Devices

Typing the code # * # 64663 # * # * will result in a real hardware test … cross-check imei phone and shell

Then type imei and S / N at and finally get the latest firmware update.

In summary, it is possible to conclude that the hardware test is the same as the cross-check for imei.

If you want to make sure that it is online, check it out

This is a step-by-step review that lets you
handle a mobile phone successfully

Credit: CKK – Technology

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