VAIO Launches VAIO SX12 and VAIO SX14 Ultralight High Performance Business Laptops with 10th Generation Intel® Processor Six-Core CPUs

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VAIO Corporation has released high performance business laptops featuring the 10th Generation Intel® Core U Processor Line, which maximizes its processing capabilities, for both the VAIO® SX12 and VAIO® SX14 series. Seeking the realization of performance and pleasure which VAIO pursues,

the new VAIO laptops have evolved not only in performance but also in many ways including function and design such as the expansion of security solutions including face authentication support and the release of a RED EDITION as a limited production model and an “ALL BLACK EDITION” and “BROWN EDITION” as premium models.

Working on your PC becomes faster and more comfortable through an improvement in performance by up to about 40%

The VAIO SX12 and VAIO SX14 were announced in 2019 with the aim of moving mobile work to the next stage and playing a central role in the VAIO PC lineup. Both models are equipped with VAIO’s unique tuning “VAIO® TruePerformance” that incorporates the know-how and technology that VAIO has cultivated over the years to maximize the performance of the processor so that PC work can be done more faster and comfortably.

The new 2020 models are crafted with a more detailed tuning of the system’s heat radiation design as compared to the previous model so that the maximum performance of 6 cores with 12 threads can be fully utilized. As a result, an improvement in performance of up to 40% in the Core i7 model was realized when VAIO TruePerformance is applied.

* Researched by VAIO. CPU: Benchmark score with MAXON Cinebench Version Measurement result with a prototype. Results may vary depending on environment and specification configuration.

The evolution of VAIO TruePerformance

VAIO TruePerformance was newly installed when the 8th Generation Intel Core Processor with a quad core became available in January 2018, and was replaced by increased tuning in 2019 along with the announcement of new models. The effect of VAIO TruePerformance is more pronounced as the number of CPU cores increases and has evolved even further with the announcement of the February 2020 models driven by 6 cores.

Windows Hello

Now supporting face authentication in addition to fingerprint authentication. Face authentication as a biometric authentication method compatible with Windows Hello is now supported. This makes it possible to log in instantly using either of two methods: fingerprint authentication by simply placing a finger on the sensor, or face authentication that automatically recognizes the user’s face with the built-in camera.

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