Your YouTube channel is not paying enough? The platform will now be able to remove it

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Google’s video sharing service has updated its terms of service. And some new rules, which will come into force on December 10, are breaking.

Commercially viable . With this term, Google and YouTube will one month justify deleting a YouTube channel that does not pay enough for the platform.

The information was published by YouTube on its website (in English here, but also in French), and could have gone unnoticed. We know that very few people actually take the time to read the Terms of Use, YouTube or any other product or service.

But it was without counting the curiosity of some Internet users who noticed this new problematic addition.

Account Suspension of YouTube for Change of Services: YouTube may terminate your access or access to your Google Account for all or part of the Service if we have reasonable grounds to believe that the provision of the Service is no longer commercially feasible

In other words, a channel rated ” more commercially feasible ” can also cause the user’s associated Google Account (and therefore Gmail, GSuite, etc.) to be deleted. On Twitter, messages about this new rule give very good questions.

What does YouTube really mean “reasonable motive”? On what basis does the platform consider a “more commercially viable” account? Compared to what other “commercially feasible” chains or scales? And what about the systematically demonetized channels that actually report nothing to YouTube?

YouTube has not (yet) responded. But this proves once again that the platform, which has difficulty moderating its hateful, violent or problematic content, also leads to another war. A war based on money, and the victims will be the “small” users

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